Dal Makhani  

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Dal makhani is a delicacy from punjab, filled with rich proteins and fiber. The primary ingredients in dal makhani are whole black lentil (urad) and red kidney beans (rajma). Dal Makhani’s popularity is due to its versatility and the rich vegetarian dish can be served as a main meal, included in a buffet (thali) or as an accompaniment to a principal meal. Due to dal makhani's rich texture and lengthy preparation process, many Indians only consume the dish on days of significance, such as birthdays, national holidays, weddings and religious observances.

I have made this dish inspired from a cookery magazine and found it as good as it says.. I have made some changes of my own.. I can assure u that you guys will also like it. So enjoy dal makhani with rice or roti..

Preperation Time: 15 min. + soaking time 8 hours

Cooking Time: 30 min.

Serves: 4


Whole black gram dal (black moong dal) - 125gms (soak overnight)

Rajma (kidney beans) - 4 Tbsp (soak overnight)

Oil - 1 tsp

Green chilli - 1 tsp (chopped)

Ginger - 1 tsp (chopped)

Garlic - 1 tsp (chopped)

Onion - 1 medium (chopped)

Chilli powder - 1 tsp

Butter - 1 tsp

Fresh cream - 3 Tbsp

Tomato puree - 3 Tbsp

Garam masala powder - 1/2 tsp

Salt - to taste

Preparation Method

Soak rajma and dal in water overnight. Rajma will double in volume after soaking.

Cook dal and rajma separately till it becomes soft and keep aside. Retain the water.

Heat oil in a pan and saute green chilli, onion, ginger and garlic for couple of minutes.

Add chilli powder and saute for a while (on a low flame).

Add tomato puree, mix well and simmer for about 3 - 4 minutes on a low flame.

Add dal and rajma along with the water that has been kept aside and mix well.

Add 1 tsp butter, salt and simmer for another 3 - 4 minutes.

Then add fresh cream and stir.

Add garam masala powder and mix well.

Dal Makhani is ready to be served.

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