About the Author

I am Linu, a foodie at heart. I live in Adelaide, Australia with my husband, Vinod. Traditionally, in India, females are expected to master cooking prior to their marriage. But in my case, I didn’t even know how to make tea till I got married. My husband taught me the basics of cooking and I found this a very enjoyable ritual, which soon turned into a very passionate affair. Slowly I started experimenting new things in the kitchen. Initially most of my experiments did flop but slowly I started to get the desired results. My husband and friends really supported me during this time. I started collecting recipes from my mom, who is an excellent cook and also from other friends and relatives. My husband shares my passion for cooking and during weekends we cook together and we find that this does increase our intimacy.

Being a vegetarian, mostly my cooking is vegetarian but I also cook non-vegetarian food for my husband and friends. One day my husband suggested me to share the culinary ideas with like-minded people across the world. Wandering through the web-world I found that there were not many sites that cater to vegetarian foodies and since my cooking is mostly vegetarian, I thought that sharing my collection of recipes will help people explore and enjoy the vegetarian food, which is also very healthy. This is the story behind indianvegcooking.com. Explore and enjoy!

About the Recipes

The recipes I have given provide step wise instructions for both South Indian and North Indian vegetarian dishes. These recipes are collected from family, friends, various cookery shows and magazines and I have given them a personal touch. I have tried and tested these recipes on my family and also on unsuspecting friends! But feel free to alter the quantity of the spices or adjust the measurements according to your taste.


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