Beetroot Stir Fry  

Preperation Time: 5 min.

Cooking Time: 10 min.

Serves: 2 - 3


Beetroot - 1 large (cut into very small pieces)

Shallots - 1/4 cup (finely chopped)

Red chilli flakes - 1 tsp or to taste

Turmeric Powder - a pinch

Salt - to taste

Oil - 2 Tbsp

Preparation Method

Heat oil in a pan and add shallots, red chilli flakes and saute till shallots turns light golden colour. (Make sure that you do not burn chilli flakes)

Add beetroot along with salt and turmeric powder and saute for couple of minutes.

Cover the pan and let it cook for about 5 minutes on a low flame. Stir occasionally to make sure that it does not get burnt.

Remove the lid and keep stirring at regular intervals for about 15 minutes until the water drains out and the mixture becomes dry.

Your dish is ready to taste.

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