For making crispy dosas
For making crispy pooris
For onions/shallots to brown quickly
For soft rice
For soft rotis
For storing eggs longer
How to clean spilled oil
How to get rid off cooking smell in kitchen
How to prevent curry stains on plastic containers
How to take dosa out from a sticky pan
If the curry is too spicy for you
To avoid browning of apples after cutting
To avoid burning while making desserts
To avoid curd curdling
To avoid discolouration
To avoid tears from cutting onions
To avoid the milk from sticking at the bottom
To clean microwave oven
To cook dal faster
To ferment the dosa batter in winter
To keep coriander leaves fresh
To keep curry leaves fresh
To keep green chillies fresh
To keep okra from becoming sticky
To peel garlic easily and quickly
To peel off almonds easily
To peel off tomato skin
To peel onions/shallots easily
To prevent insects inside rice, dals
To prevent rice grains from sticking together
To reduce bitterness of bitter gourd
To remove bad odour from fridge
To remove excess salt from curries
To retain freshness of chilli powder
To ripe fruits faster

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